Is there Any Way to Convert PDF to Json?

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Is there any way to Convert PDF to Json?

I am assuming you just want to generate JSON from a PDF containing “just” the table. You will first need a PDF parser to read the table in Java. iText or something similar will help you. As you are reading the contents of the PDF, populate them into a model class composed as below, class table { List rows } class Row { List cells } class Cell { String content } When the table object is populated, just convert the object to JSON using Jackson or similar library

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As the contents of this table, the table will contain some data. List. List (List. List {List rows})} Listenable table {List rows = new Arrays<> (); List cells = new Arrays<> (); List content = new List<> (Cells. List ()); for (String cell : cells) {//Get the data of this cell String colleague = Strata. retell(cell); //Convert the data to JSON string JSON = cells. devalues(colleague). convertToJson(); content. Add(Jason);} } When you load the Table.xml, you should see a table with rows, cells and their respective data as shown below. Here's the code to generate the table Package org.cod envy.core.table; import java.Io. File; import java.Io. FileInputStream; import java.Io.Exception; import java.Io. InputStreamReader; import java.Io. ObjectInputStream; import java.until. ArrayList; import java.until. List; import java.until. LinkedList; import org.cod envy.core. Model; import org.cod envy.core. ModelBuilder; import org.cod envy.core. ModelLoader; import org.codenvy.db. Table; public class GenerateModel {private ModelBuilder; public System.loadLibrary(String packageName) throws Exception,.

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