How Do I Convert PDF to PDF Ocr?

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How do I convert PDF to PDF OCR?

The best text recognition or OCR software for PDF files in 2021 is SwifDoo PDF. It’s an all-around solution for all your PDF needs. You can quickly and easily OCR any scanned PDF image file with the help of SwifDoo PDF. After performing the OCR on the scanned PDF image, it will become editable. In order to understand the process to perform OCR using SwifDoo PDF in a better way, consider going through the below steps. Get the latest version of SwifDoo PDF and install it on your PC. After that launch the program and make use of “Open” or “Edit PDF” button to select & upload the scanned PDF image. Once the PDF is open in editor, you will be prompted to OCR it. So, you can either click “Apply OCR” button in the notification or simply use the “OCR” tool available under “Edit” section. The “Recognize Document” popup will open up after that. You need to now set the values for Output, Page Range and Document Language in the “Recognize Document” window. Once done, simply click OK and your PDF image will become editable after that.

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Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

It is recommended to change the Document Language ‑ English or any other language ‐ according to the business needs. The below link will give you the step-by-step guide to change it. A PDF file is scanned by Swindon PDF in the background in the default mode ‑ Scan for a document. In the above screenshot, we have selected a document of the current document for OCR in normal mode. You can click change“ button on right side of screen to open ‛Scan for a document ‐ ‬in‭ mode. Once it is opened in in ‬mode‭, simply press change‭ button to set mode of scan for a document‭. After that, you can choose output‭ or input‭. The output‭ option simply allows you to choose, PDF‭. The input‭ option has an option to choose, text‭ or number‭ and PDF‭ with the output‭ option.