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How to convert Excel to PDF you can convert Excel document to PDF document very quickly simply in your Excel document clicking on file and then to save as here is to save as type click on the drop down and just click on PDF have the option here Publishing a standard or you can make it minimum size it's a smaller file trust and publish a standard for now so click on save and here's a PDF PDF document of the excel sheet and that's it that's how you convert an excel to PDF document helped you please give it a like let me know by commenting below and don't forget to subscribe more how-to instructional videos

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How can I convert a Word document to a PDF?
There are many options.1. In Word 2010 users, go to Share - Create PDF Document and directly save the Word to PDF.2. If Office/Word 2007 is used, you can download  2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS then save the Word or Excel/PowerPoint to PDF.3. The add-in does support Office 2003 and before version, so you need to download a third party app like PDF Creator Lite that also supports Word 2007/2010 version.4. If you have installed Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can directly import the Word and save as PDF, as it is a pdf creator, supports all Word version.
How do I convert word to PDF in MS 2007?
There are lots of Online PDF converter tool you can use to solve your problem. Zamzar, Smallpdf and so on. You can check here to find out: Best Online Word to PDF ConverterIt’s easy and convenient for online converter, but there’re limitations. For example, online word to PDF converters do not provide the OCR feature. Also, there is no way to organize the pages in the PDF files and you cannot edit the PDF files after conversion.A better choice is to use a desktop PDF converter. Take PDFelement as an example.Open the program, click on “Create PDF” on the Home window, then choose the Word document you want to convert. That’s how easy it is to the conversion.Check for more details: How to Convert Word to PDF
How do I convert a PDF to excel in JAVA?
First you have to read the data in PDF with a Framework iText, Programmable PDF software.Once you are done with reading of data you can write it into the excel using Apache POI - the Java API for Microsoft Documents or JExcelApi.I would suggest you to use Apache POI as it supports 2007 workbooks.
If you had a choice between Office 2013 and Office 2007/2010, which would you choose?
Office 2007, hands down!And this is an opportune moment for me to be answering this because tomorrow morning I am going back to the store to return my copy of Office 2016 I made the mistake of buying.I used my Office 2007 for over a decade. It is so fast usually I did not have time to close the folder containing the file I wanted to open before the file popped up and was ready to use. It is highly and easily customizable. And it uses up screen space effectively while conveying all the necessary information. That means one does not have to choose between loosing a good portion of the screen and having all the tools he needs handy.On top of that, the Office 2007 interface had been designed by a group or a person who obviously had taste and was able to understand basic computer interface ergonomy. Just look at those beautiful and easy to discern icons in the PowerPoint 2007 ribbon:Compare this to the big, fat, bland and confusing uniformity of PowerPoint 2016:And if you were smart enough to run Windows 7 (you heard me), Office 2007 manages to integrate with the Aero theme perfectly (even if Windows 7 were released two years later). This is my own Word 2007 Shortcut bar (I have a screenshot saved in order to reconstruct after a format).All writers have to face the dreaded blank page. Opening a new Word 2007 file, however, was very inviting: you had your blank page waiting for you as if floating on top of a beautiful sea blue background:Compare this to the eye-sore of Word 2016:Just look at all that uninviting grey! One can hardly discern where the document ends and where the background starts. And if you think you could change the Theme, well there are also equally ugly White and Grey Themes and nothing more. In a classic Microsoft dick-move, the Black Theme (only a notch better because of the higher contrast) has been removed from Office 2016 and is now available only on Office 365. So, apparently Microsoft does know how important interface colours are, yet they are only going to do something about them when they can use them to herd their customers into paying even more.Now, my Office 2007 was the Professional edition. Which meant that, on top of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and Outlook (which was the Basic edition), I also got Publisher and Access. The official retail price at the time was around 250€ (even if I paid far less for them from a store that was going out of business). However, that was a disc in a box edition that was yours to keep forever. You could install it up to 5 different computers at the same time and you could keep using it even when you changed computers.There was absolutely nothing wrong with Office 2007. Nevertheless, Microsoft greedily decided to cease all mainstream support for it in 2012 (after SP3 was released) and all security patches in a few months, in October 2017. That was what prompted me to go buy Office 2016, knowing that, come September, all retail copies will become very scarce, as Microsoft is promoting its expensive subscription model (Office 365) with a very heavy hand.To be fair, these are the only things I like with Office 2016:Proofing tools are now available for various languages and they are free to download from the Microsoft site. This is a great improvement over Office 2010 (which, notoriously, came with Proofing Tolls on only 6 languages and one had to buy the spellchecking and grammar for each language separately - for $25!). In Office 2007 one also had to buy for the Proofing Tolls but they all came on the same disc for a reasonable price.Moving between cells in Excel now has a snappy animation. Also, the tabs in an Excel book now look nicer. The progression of the typing cursor in Word has also changed, I do not care for the new sliding one (especially if you are backspacing something) but that is a matter of taste.Having said that, these are the things I cannot stand with Office 2016:Even after I activated it, it kept nagging me to input my Serial key every time I opened a file. Every. Bloody. Time. I had to search for a solution online and what you know, this was a known issue resolved only by updating the Office (not through Windows Update, mind you!): you now have a second updater to worry about.It takes forever to open an Office file! And do not mean existing files that are too long - I mean even a new empty file. It takes so long that, in more in one occasions, from the moment I double-click on the file to the time it actually opens, it manages to startle me - because I forgot clicking on it to open. And before anyone offers “slow hardware, bro”, my home PC has 12GB of RAM and a GTX 1060. No, the reason for the delays is probably because it connects with its mothership to convey its “telemetry” (which is a 2017 word for stealing personal information). Also, splash-screens in 2017? Honestly?Office now has its own …START screen. Who thought that this could possibly be a good idea? Was it because it was such a “success” with Windows 8? As a result you now need to go through 3 screens and make sure to make the correct selection (the default saving location is OneDrive, not your PC) in order to make a simple Save As. And all this while not in view of the document! Unacceptable.The pdf-to-Word function (the only thing I was looking forward to) is a big fat joke! Most of the time, Office 2016 will convert an entire page of, say, a signed letter, into a full page …image. Not exactly something one can work with. This level of gross incompetency I can find online for free.The very handy Microsoft Office Picture Manager is not included. One has to hunt down the Office 2007 Share Point Designer and install it with great care to only get the missing Picture Manager. For the time being this workaround still works but it is a cheap move.Customizing the ShortCut Bar is an unnecessary pain and an exercise in putting up with idiocy. When did “Show All Commands” cease to mean “show ALL commands”? Instead of grouping all commands in a selection menu, the “All Commands” now only contains …some commands, others appear only in the Popular Commands Menu whereas yet others are nowhere to be found and have to be hunted down and selected one by one from the ribbon. This is what the military calls a FUBAR situation.Office 2016 refuses to integrate with Windows 7 Aero theme (that pre-existed Office 2016!), something even third party software manage to do with no problem. Why? Apparently because “Microsoft currently implements a consistent aesthetic across its platforms”. Fine, when we do find any evidence of aesthetics in the latest Microsoft products, we can talk about it. Meanwhile, cut this crap out and show some respect to your own customers!Office 2016 manages to waste a lot of space on top. As a result, the working space of the document is significantly reduced. One has to choose between minimizing or auto-hiding the tool bar and having enough space to be able to see more than a couple paragraphs.Which brings me to the last straw: the exorbitant pricing. Office 2016 Office 2016 Home & Student edition (what used to be called the Basic edition) cost me 160€. In comparison, the Office 2007 Basic edition was retailing for about 80€ (would be 92€ today), came with fully functioning Outlook and could be installed up to 5 PCs. In contrast, Office 2016 only comes with Word, Excel and PowerPoint - not Outlook! It does not come with a disc (the box only contains a plasticized card with a serial number): you have to navigate to the appropriate Microsoft page and …download the disc image which you then have to burn yourself. More importantly, at this price not only do you get the bare basics of Office but it is strictly limited to only one computer! And only for a limited time at that: once activated it becomes tied to your motherboard and if you upgrade or you have to replace your PC the product you paid for is totally worthless.Tomorrow, whether I get a refund or not, I am formatting again and going back to Office 2007. Come October I will take my chances. Microsoft threatens with “security risks” but I think one is in more danger by using a product that constantly gathers information on its user and transmits it to who knows where.And the “you will no longer be able to integrate with your Outlook” is the emptiest of threats: you forgot to include Outlook in Office 2016 anyway!
How do I convert a PDF document to excel?
Use a PDF to Excel Converter.Best PDF to Excel Converter for Mac—-Cisdem PDF OCR Converter, allows users to convert both native and scanned PDFs into Excel, and other 15 formats, with original file quality retained.Add PDF to the PDF OCR Software for Mac by drag and drop.Choose the output as Excel. Turn the OCR button ON, go to the output menu and choose “Excel”.Click “Convert” to convert PDF to Excel on mac.Best PDF to Excel Converter for Windows PC—-Foxit PhantomPDF 8 for Windows, a powerful PDF Editor for Windows user, also works an outstanding PDF to Excel Converter.Open PDF with the programGo to ConvertTo MS OfficeExcel.Save the Excel file.
How should convert the data in PDF to excel in R?
See our example here: Click ‘R’ from the left side menu :-)
How to convert MS Office documents to PDF and HTML5?
We are building exactly this with Box View, which was released in beta just last week: here for a taste of what's possible with a simple PPT document: message me if you have any questions or feedback.
How can I convert PDF files to Excel on a PC?
This is a very common problem among bankers, accountants, small business owners, Payroll employees, and pretty much anyone who uses Excel. There are a few different versions on the market for this type of conversion but after much reason Cogniview LLC has the best solution. PDF To Excel Converter for Pros ✔✔ Cogniview has a great preview tool that lets you see exactly how to data is going to look before you convert it into excel and that helps for a number of reasons. You can see what columns and rows are going to look like. You can tamper and correct the data BEFORE you convert which saves time. By far the best solution is Cogniview. The nice thing is they also have an OCR and Enterprise edition that will enable you to convert Scanned documents which can be tricky. OCR stand for "Optimal Character Recognition" and is a computer program that is incorporated into the software. PDF2XL Enterprise Online Purchase PDF2XL OCR Purchase | CogniView Once you buy their product it is yours for life so you dont have any pay any monthly fees. They usually have some discounts going on when I check the site but out of all the options this one is probably the best. There is a 60 sec demo on the main web page that helps explain how easy this is to complete.