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Hi I'm Tommy from Amy's world and here is a video I have on YouTube for us saving emails in Outlook to your hard drive and this seems to be a rather popular thing that folks want to do and I have a different method to share with you in this tutorial for doing the same thing in the one that I have already on YouTube it saves the emails in Outlook message format it's great for being able to search the emails it's great for saving bulk I could save a lot of emails this way at one time and it really works well with the searching feature it is a good option but for those people that are not wanting to use outlook anymore discontinue the use of Outlook this would not be a good method because these are in Outlook message format and when you click on them on your hard drive that they do open up in Outlook and so I have another method to share with you the drawback of this method is that you cannot save as many emails to your hard drive at one time in this method I can save hundreds our new method is going to be saving it into PDF and when you're saving it into PDF I have had it come back and tell me I'm out of memory on my computer on another computer I can save more I can save more but on this one I can't save as much because I got more stuff on this computer so it's going to be different for each person what you're going to need is you're going to either need the professional version of Adobe or you're going to need this cute PDF writer which is free and just go to cute PDF comm and you're going to see the free version they do have a professional version but I generally just use the free version and I use this all the time and we're going to find this is actually as a printer you see the icon here it is actually one of your options you choose it as one of your printers so I've loaded up again some emails here in my Outlook some test emails for us to play with this and let's say I want to save all of these to one PDF you can do just one email I just drop some names in here for search purposes so you can see when we're done how you can search this but basically I just selected all of the emails I hold down my shift key click on the first one and click on the last one and you see it selects them all and then I'm going to hit ctrl P for my printer and you see it comes up with my default printer and I am not sure what version of Outlook I'm in probably 2010 maybe you might look a little

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Is there any free tool available online which can convert a large sized Outlook .pst into PDF files or individual emails (.eml)?
Use PST Converter which is well-suitable program to convert Outlook PST to PDF format with overall email components i.e. attachments, send receive information, time, date, email folders, html links etc. It is great software for converting Outlook PST files because it gives more saving options comparing to other software as it converts PST to EML as well as MSG, EMLX, PDF, HTML, RTF, MBOX, MBX, CSV too.
How can I export multiple Outlook emails to PDF?
If you are looking for Outlook Mails to PDF converter then you can also try with manual process, but manually you can save only one Mail into PDF format. If you want to convert more or unlimited numbers of emails into PDF format then you can try third party solution. I am always advice best and secure solutions for these types of problems. Outlook to PDF Converter to easily convert multiple emails into PDF format without any problem just load your Outlook Offline File into software panel and convert into PDF and multiple formats.Outlook to PDF converter Wizard tool provides great number of advantages comparably with other Outlook converter application software. This converter tool provide data mange feature also you can easily sort your read or unread mails into different folders. If you are worried about your emails data calendars events while converting into PDF format, so do not worry any more Outlook wizard convert your all data into healthy PDF file formats.Features of Outlook to PDF Converter ToolSupports 15+ files formats to convert Outlook Mails into multiple formatsBatch conversion option for converting multiple Outlook Mails at onceProvide different file naming option for saving itemsExport selected Mails items only such as inbox, sent, personal, etcSupports all version of Windows OS include Windows 10Outlook to PDF converter tool provide you 24x7x365 live supports, if you have any problem about the software and process related queries you can take guidance easily with visiting on this PAGE.
How can I migrate data from Outlook PST to the PDF file format?
After following these steps, It would be very easy for you to save your outlook email as a PDF files. Check out these steps if you are using Win 10Open Mail Go to File tab Click PrintFrom Printer Choose Microsoft Print to PDF Click Print Click SaveIf you are using Older version of WindowsOpen Mail Go to File tab Click Save asSave that email in HTML format and later open it MS Word and then click on Save as option and choose PDF as a file type saving option.This method has few drawbacks that it will allows you to save single mail in PDF file at a time. Also you will not be able to save attachments attached with the mail.To overcome this drawback you can refer this blog.ThanksPST to PDF Converter to convert outlook email to PDF with attachments
Why we need to convert OST to PST?
You may require migrating from OST file to PST in any of the following cases:Your mailbox on the Exchange Server is deleted accidentally and you need to access your emails.You are facing issues while synchronizing MS Outlook with Exchange Server.You need to carry your business emails to a different workplace or organizationUse following steps for successful conversion:Run Stellar OST to PST Converter software.Select your OST file from ‘Browse’ option.Click ‘Convert’ button to start the scanning process.Click 'Save Converted File' button to save OST file into Different file formats.Select ‘PST’ file option to convert OST file to PST format.Click on ‘Browse’ button to select destination path and click ‘OK’ button.Congratulations, your PST file saved at your specified location.The software will scan the OST file and list all the mailbox folders in the left pane. Click on a folder to preview its items and save them at a destination location.Free Download Here
How can I open .MSG files on my Samsung Galaxy Android phone?
“.msg” files are normally created to store Outlook related items in the Windows file system but you don’t necessarily need Outlook to view them. However, these files are based on the compound file binary format and aren’t viewable via a normal editor.We will be talking about three different scenarios in which you might want to view these files. The first method will talk about opening .msg files via a specialized file viewer application, the second will talk about opening .msg files with Outlook without any problems while the third method is a complete guide for users that don’t have any other option other than converting the files to PDF formats for viewing purposes.Method 1: Using a file viewer:In our first method, we will be talking about a third-party tool that allows readers to view the .msg files properly. Using simple text editors like Notepad will only show you information in the form of garbled characters because .msg files are ideally meant to be used with Outlook. There are many different software available but the one we will be using is called MsgViewer.Go to this link and click on the download button.Once the .zip file is downloaded, you will have to extract it. To do so, you can use the default compression tools of Windows or if there aren’t any, you can try out any third-party ones like 7Zip.Once the extraction is complete, a file named “jar” should appear. This is our tool which is basically a java applet. Double click to start it. If you get any errors while opening it then you might have to install Java on your device. Go to this link to download and install it.When the application starts, you should see a window with the text “Drag an msg file into the window” on it.Now all you have to do is drag an .msg file inside the window. Once you do, you will be able to view all the contents of the file, fully formatted.Method 2: For opening files with Outlook.msg files are ideally meant to be opened in Outlook so normally there shouldn’t be a need to do any additional steps but sometimes users have gotten the following error message while opening them with Outlook:Method 3: Converting .msg files to PDFAs a third method, we will be sharing a way to convert the files to PDFs, because PDFs are more easily viewable, this is a cool alternative for people who are having problems viewing .msg files otherwise.There are quite a few websites available online that allow you to convert .msg files to PDFs. One such website is com. Click here to visit the converter.You know have to follow simple steps. Firstly, upload your file.Then choose the desired output format. In our case, PDF.Enter your email address.Click on convertThe file should get converted to PDF format and an email will get dispatched to your inbox with a link to download it.
What is the best way to convert OST to PST files?
Looking for the best? Try ‘OST Extractor Pro’.“OST Extractor Pro” – A conversion software for converting Outlook OST files into PST, equipped with perfect data-processing design that delivers highly precise output!OST Extractor Pro – The Only Conversion Software that Delivers High Precision Output!“OST Extractor Pro” is a modern conversion software from USL Software that delivers precision of data conversion between OST to PST files. Both files are used for storing data but for different purposes and in a different way. Converting these two formats is always challenging, but “OST Extractor Pro” brings an easy and effective way to perform the task.Also Read: OST Extractor Pro – Recover and Convert OST to PST Files Accurately!If there’s one thing that can be considered its best feature, it would be the data accuracy, because that’s what eventually matters the most. What I mean by data accuracy is that the tool will keep the entire data, its property and metadata, and the structure perfectly similar in the output files as were in original input files.More specifically, it delivers high precision output where other traditional applications would fail, such as:Images and any graphical objects inside email bodies including photos, icons, charts, and so on.Other embedded objects like excel sheetsEmail attachmentsMetadata and headers that include information like To, From, Subject, Cc, Bcc, and time and dateAnd many more other aspects of your data.There’s also full in-built support to convert non-English characters from your emails. When using “OST Extractor Pro,” You will never have to worry about partial conversion of emails from international clients, friends, or whomever you receive emails from.Most complex to convert accurately are languages that are encoded using double-bytes instead of single-byte. Most notable: Chinese script used by Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese. Colloquially known as CJK fonts, they are tricky to convert during email files conversion. But “OST Extractor Pro” has a dedicated logic to convert them while keeping their original form intact.Other important feature to mention is its ability to not make a mess of your folder hierarchy. Most tools will simply convert email messages and other components to separate files but do not maintain the folder hierarchy in output. This is a deal-breaker for many users as it would make the data-management in Outlook later almost impossible. “OST Extractor Pro” maps the entire arrangement of your folder correctly into output PST files without a single mismatch.Next up is its graphical interface that is built keeping the most basic home users in mind. Have you never converted OST to PST files? Do know zero technical jargon relating to email file conversion? Do not worry at all. “OST Extractor Pro” is a professional software application and can be used in large-scale migration projects. However, its interface also makes it possible for the beginners to start converting files with zero efforts. It’s intuitive, natural, and pretty straightforward.Lastly, the power to handle large OST files in bulk makes “OST Extractor Pro” stands itself apart from all other typical ordinary tools in this category.Also, “OST Extractor Pro” or USL Software offers:Round-the-clock supportSupports all Outlook versions (from 97 to 2016)Free updates for lifetimeDownload the setup if you are interested in checking it out the features yourself. You can use the trial mode that converts ten items from each folder.Get you copy at OST Extractor Pro | Convert OST to PST (Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 ... )Thank you.
What are the best features of Microsoft Office 365?
Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service and a competitor to G Suite. It’s main purpose is to make using, storing and communicating painless for your business.And these are some of the best features why you might consider making the switch to Office 365:#1 You can work from anywhere.This is my favorite feature, it gives you the freedom to travel without the extra weight of your laptop on your back, and still be able to do work from any point in the world. All of your files and information are automatically saved to the cloud, so you can access any word document any time you need.#2 If you forgot something on your work computer …Remember when this used to happen? If you’re using a separate work computer, you can still install your Microsoft Office 365 on up to 5 devices (if I’m not mistaken) and have access to every file even after work hours, in case of emergencies or a deadline you’re about to be late on.#3 It makes team work better.There are certain collaboration features built in, like real time editing to catch everyone’s edits in one place (so you don’t have multiple versions of the same file and don’t know which one is the final one). There’s also no more file attachments, you can share access to files just like you do on Google Drive now.Other features:Email encryptionAnalyticsAudio and video conferencing on SkypeEtc.I really don’t want to list all the great features, you can go to their website or ask your IT partner or virtual CIO to explain the entire system.Further reading on this topic if you still want to learn more.5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Office 3655 Reasons Why On-Premises Exchange Could Outperform Office 365The Pros & Cons of Hosted Exchange Servers vs. Office 365Compare All Microsoft Office ProductsMicrosoft 365