How to Convert Excel to PDF in Office 2010

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How To convert excel to PDF in office 2010

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How To Convert Excel To PDF In Office 2010 in minutes

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Video instructions - How To Convert Excel To PDF In Office 2010

Instructions and Help about How to convert excel to PDF in office 2010

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial from computer gargle comm now in this video I'm going to show you how to export a selected range from worksheet into a PDF so if you've tried exporting to PDF before printing to PDF save into PDF whatever you wish to call it you will know that when you try to save as PDF it saves the active sheet by default so if I selected a range like this it would only export or so it would export the whole of this Bradford sheet into as a PDF so what I'm going to do is let's imagine that I only want to export this range here as an example so I don't want this profit column to show I just want like income expenses having a part for this column I would select the ranges so now I'm going to perform this action by going through the save as dialog I'll just save this on my desktop I'll call it selected range oops and I'm going to export it as a PDF so I'm going to use this functionality here to save as PDF now you may perform this action in a slightly different way if you're using something like cutepdf or some other kind of third-party tool maybe but this is the approach I'm going to take and a very important step here let me choose that open of the publishing so you can see the result is this options button I'll click that options button I can see that it's going to print the active sheet or save the active sheet so even though I've selected a specific range it will export the whole sheet now I have an option for entire workbook there I might want all 6 sheets...

How to Convert Excel to PDF in Office 2010: What You Should Know

The Choose column settings box Step 2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the column where you want a PDF file to be created. Click the PDF button. 4. Save as a PDF by clicking the name of the .pdf file that you want to use (note that you don't have to select the whole file—you can just click the name of a cell or a column that you want to put a .pdf file in) How to Convert Excel to PDF Using Google Sheets Feb 05, 2023 — There are some ways to convert Excel to PDF using Google Sheets. 1) If you want to convert a worksheet (or range of cells) into a PDF file, select these cells or ranges and then navigate to File > Options… >> Format. 2) Click one of the three options below, to see a larger version of the dialog. Step 3. Click the Convert button. 5. You'll be prompted when the conversion is done, depending on where you used the Convert button. You'll need to confirm the conversion by clicking Close when done. How to Convert Excel to PDF — Apple Maps Step 1. Create a PDF file with your spreadsheet or range (or both) 2). Open the file using the Google Sheets app. 3. Choose Save As and then choose PDF from the options window. Step 2. Open Google Maps, then follow the directions below 1) Click the top-right corner button to open the Options pane. 2) In the Advanced section, select Create a PDF from a URL link. 3. In the Save As dialog box, under File name, enter a name for the PDF file. Click Save. 4. Click Publish. Open your map or worksheet. How to Convert Excel to PDF with Power Query How to Convert Excel to PDF using Power Query Excel 2010, Tableau Desktop, Power Desktop, and Power BI Desktop for Android (Beta) 1. Navigate to the Excel workbook or spreadsheet you want to convert to PDF. 2. Select the ranges or sheets you want to convert to PDF. 3. Click File > Options… 4. Select Advanced Options and ensure that Open this workbook or file as a PDF by URL is selected. 5. Click Close. 6. Open Google Sheets. 7. Open the sheet that best suits your needs. Step 1. Type a URL into the URL field (optional).

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