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Hi there welcome back again will be all our doing well MMG in this video I will show you how to transfer your all emails and contacts from one gmail account to other Gmail account for example you created a new gmail account and you want to bring or take a backup of all your previous Gmail accounts email and messages or contacts whatever so this is the my new email address account I have just created and I want to bring our transfer all my previous email from other old accounts I have one more Oregon so I want to transfer all these things to in my gmail new account so login to your account new gmail account is a manually email account and after this just click on this gear icon take the static ok after this click on account and import ok simple account and import now here you can click import mail and contact so here click on import mail and contacts ok bye so when pop-up will appear here here you have to type their old email address ok okay done now click on continue so it's checking okay you need to order of course the unit Apollo ID password so click on continue and one more window will appear so is the official ways to date the transfer the all this thing so here click on next and enter your old email account buffer so here you need to enter your old developer password because you are using for gmail account now so enter this password sign in ok now to the permission allow okay now that indications successful please close this window to continue just close this window okay so what do you want to import like select the import option from this mail import contacts and import mails import new mail for next 30 days so you can input all this in context mails and new mails okay so these things you can import so just click on import and your imports of all mails and contacts with stock so these are easy and simple way to import your all old emails and your contact okay so these are one method but sometimes we we use the previous mail and we want to transfer all the Mail's and we want to check the email from other accounts like here you can see check the mail from other account the screen if you're still getting important mail on your previous are old gmail account so you can also check the mail from the ole accounts they're so important here so let's see how to do this so any one your account these are my new account in your new account click on add a email account so this is on my new Accord I am going to take the old account to read the all important mails from the Oregon to Nepal so I would simply in simple word I am connecting

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How do I convert Gmail mails into a PDF?
If you want to convert or save Gmail messages to a PDF file. There is a very simple solution.Manual methodOpen any email of your Gmail and click Ctrl+PYour mail will be previewed for printing but actually it will show you the file in a PDF file format.Save it and you’re done!!Alternate SolutionIf you want to export your Gmail messages to PDF files in bulk then go for Advik Gmail Backup tool.Its’s a fast, accurate and secure tool which allows you to export your Gmail messages to PDF files in simplified way.Hope my answer will help you in resolving your query. If it does kindly up vote my answer.Regards
Is there any way to open an OST file for extraction of information?
Best solution to easily repair and convert OST data into Outlook by taking OST to PST Converter which is great solution which has much capacity to Convert OST File to PST file after repairing corrupted/ damaged OST File. To easily solve out of OST file error free and migrate OST file into Outlook with full attachments- embedded images, journals, tasks, remainders and notes etc.Key Features:* Few simple to clicks to convert OST file to PST,* Repairs and converts corrupt or damaged OST file to PST file,* After conversion, get back all the emails, folders, notes, tasks, contacts, calendar, items, journals and other items,* Option to automatically find the location of the OST file, if not knowIt recovered and split large sized PST file into small PST file (1GB up to 5GB). By using this application, you can also save OST data as four multiple formats such as: PST, EML, MSG and HTML file format.It also works on all Outlook OST file versions like: 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016. For more info: http://www.recoverydeletedfiles....
What are the most useful gems to use in Rails?
There are many gems to consider. The following article from RubyGarage is a comprehensive overview of many different gems, 57 Best Ruby Gems We Use at RubyGarage.If you’re looking to implement analytics, I’d also recommend checking out Segment and adding our analytics-ruby gem. Segment is a flexible solution for tracking user activity in any system. Segment provides a single API for you to send track calls that describe user activity.Our library will collect user activity that you send to Segment, and then transforms and forwards those events to any connected destination (we have hundreds of tools to choose from).To get a bit more insight into the implementation, I’d recommend looking at the following tutorial Thoughtbot created on implementing Segment into your Rails application.Hope this helps!
How can I print multiple Gmail emails in one go?
The easiest way of sending and printing multiple Gmail emails in one go is described here:Go to your Gmail account and select those emails which you want to send or print and label them with a unique name.Then go to Google drive and create a folder and open Google sheet within this folder, name this folder and Google sheet both and go to add-ons and install ‘Save Emails & Attachments’ add-on. When you click this add-on within Google sheet, you can create rule, then it will ask you to select that label which you have given to selected emails and also select folder in which you want to save those files and click Create.Now those emails would be extracted in Google sheet as well as the folder.You can download that folder on the desktop if you want to send those emails to someone or if you want to take a print of those emails them simply open that folder within Google drive and select those emails which you want to print and press Ctrl+p and it would print them.If you want to understand the procedure in more elaborative way then read this tutorial Send And Print Multiple Emails In One Go Using Free Google Add-onIn this tutorial, the whole procedure has been described in easier way.ThanksEbony Lorenze
What are some awesome Google products/services very few people know about?
I love Google.  From their Chrome browser, Google Maps, Chromebooks, Android to the  Google Doodles in their search engines (sorry Bing you are just a waste  of our 10 seconds). Anything that the company churns out, has my fanboy  approval stamp to it.In order for Google to come this far from  just a small search engine, Google had to invest a lot of money into  their little projects. When Google bought YouTube out in 2006 for 1.65  billion dollars, I was thinking how crazy this tech company was. Now  YouTube is the world's biggest video platform, which means a lot of  advertising revenue from users. YouTube's worth alone is easily more  than 8 billion dollars (a great return on investment from their 2006  purchase). YouTube is just one of the many enterprises Google  splashed a lot of money in to. Android, Nest, Chromebooks, Google  Ventures, Calico will reap in more money for the company in the future.  This will make the company more valuable (right now only Apple is valued  more from the tech companies). I hope Google keeps on spending in order  to come up with cooler and crazier products, which saddens a lot of  shareholders since most of them want a piece of Google's large cash  reserve, and don't want Google to spend crazy money on projects that  might fail. However what impresses me the most about Google is  their treatment of their employees (Google provides free food,  transportation and yoga classes to their employees) and their  encouragement of their employees to innovate new products. If an average  employee of an average company comes up with a new product and makes  money out of it, that company will sue the living crap of that employee  in order to get the person's share of profit. This discourages  innovation and is bad for the advancement of society as a whole (think  patent trolls, pharmaceutical companies reaping billions from helpless  patients). Google on the other hand will help its employees to start up  their own companies and infact invest in them. If the company succeeds  and goes public, Google will make a lot of money too and the end result  will be good for the employee, Google and society as a whole. Unlike big  companies like Amazon, Walmart and McDonalds, Google cares about the  happiness and the morale of their employees. This has a great return in  the future which cannot be valued in terms of money. Personally I  prefer Google's products over Apple's (a great company regardless of  the comparison). Google's open management of its products (compared to  Apple's closed management) has their advantages. Google's phones are  cheaper, and Chromebooks are available at the cost of Apple's cheapest  Macbooks. This is great because people with low budget (and low income  countries) can enjoy the innovations of a Silicon Valley company for a  modest cost. A 120$ chromebook can be an affordable learning machine for  schools all over the world. A 50$ android phone will be useful for  workers in cities in a developing country to send money to their  families living in villages. Google's concern about costs is unlike any  other big companies, which are usually thinking about big margins and  quick profits. And let's not forget the cool factor that a  company as big as Google possesses (it's market capitalization is more  than Exxon Mobil, the oil giant). Many users of Android phones smile  when they get to see the latest Android OS update. Users of Chromecasts  shows off their 35$ device to their oblivious friends. Users of Gmail  will ditch their company email accounts because of Gmail's user  friendliness. When was the last time you were proud to tell your friends  you just shopped at Walmart? I am sure Google's new corporate  structure Alphabet will be a big success in churning out more  innovations that will disrupt modern technologies and cause social  advancement throughout the world.
Is the Lumin PDF viewer something I installed, or does it come with the Chrome browser?
The question was - Is the Lumin PDF viewer something I installed, or does it come with the Chrome browser?My experience with Chrome is that the Lumin viewer is pre-installed. I have not added it. My opinion seems to be in the minority but perhaps that is part of using Google docs as well, instead of using the Chrome browser in isolation.Thanks for the A2A.