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Deborah W.
Deborah W.
I corrected a mistake in my form and replaced it with the right information. It took a few minutes only! Thanks a lot!
James S.
James S.
The process of PDF correction has never been so easy. I’ve managed to create a new document faster than ever before!
William G.
William G.
It was really easy to fill out my PDF document and add a signature to it! This is a great service! I recommend it to you!
Denis B.
Denis B.
I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


Which one is better for Windows 10, Foxit PDF Reader, PDF Xchange Editor, or Nitro PDF readers?
Well, I admit to being a bit biased here - but I think I can still safely say that you will find Adobe Acrobat Reader the best alternative to the native Windows 10 PDF reader. Adobe Reader supports the full PDF 1.7 (ISO 32000–1) specification while being the fastest to open & view of the product you’ve listed. It also better integrates with the operating system to enable PDF integration more deeply in places such as Explorer and Outlook.
How do you take notes when watching lecture videos at Coursera?
Most of my work and learning is centered around google apps and hence I use google drive/google docs to take notes and organize themFor every course I learn through Coursera (or other MOOC platforms), I create a sub directory in my Google drive and then create a new Google doc to capture important points, links and useful resources that I feel might be useful for future reference.Recently, I also learned that there is a shared wiki page that Coursera users have created and contains all notes/details as reference. Most recent courses are in this list. So bookmarking this is another way to go back to the course for a quick reference.Coursera Wiki
What is the best PDF editor with flexible highlighting options?
As Joel said, the latest Adobe Reader includes this functionality. Also the following free tools provide this functionality:* Foxit Reader* PDF X-Change Viewer* Nitro ReaderDisclaimer: I work for Nitro.
How can I take a multi-page PDF file and edit it into smaller files?
I usually use PDFtk - The PDF Toolkit to hack at PDF files when I have the need.
What is the use of the Foxit SDK?
Thanks to Isaac Thani for the A2A.If you have an application—be it desktop, web, mobile, enterprise, or cloud—that requires PDF functionality, you can use the Foxit PDF SDK to integrate Foxit’s PDF technology into your app.The Foxit SDK “provides a complete low-level API for advanced PDF functionality in a cross platform, enterprise-class tool.” (from their site)Foxit is a leader in the PDF field and has a wide range of solutions available, for both developers and end users.Check out my article on the top 10 PDF editors for more info on Foxit and other PDF solutions.
How do you edit information in a PDF file?
PDF is a stubborn format when it comes to editing. However, some apps allow you to edit text in PDF as if it’s .doc. I can recommend you PDF Expert for Mac.Go to the ‘Annotate’ tab, choose the ‘Text’ tool and click on text you want to edit. Then click on a blank space to save changes. It’s just that easy!You can also add and edit images in PDF, and paste hyperlinks.Hope, my answer helps.
How can I convert a multiple PDF scanned copy to text faster?
You can do it by Foxit Phantom and Foxit PDF Toolkit.First you need to OCR the scanned Copies:and then you can save the OCR-ed PDF to text by phantom or Foxit PDF Toolkit.If save to text by Phantom you need to do it one by one:If you have a lots of PDF need to save to text, you can do it by foxit PDF Toolkit, it is a command line tool it can convert pdf to text by a simple command line script.Phantom:PDF Editor,PDF Editor Download,PDF Text Editor | Foxit SoftwareToolkitFoxit PDF Toolkit - Server PDF | Foxit Software
What is the best PDF editing app?
Check out PDF Reader. PDF Reader is one of the most full-featured tools available out there.And the amazing thing is that it’s also completely cross-platform and works on Mac, Windows, iPad, iOS and Android. So you can start editing or annotating the doc on one device - and then continue on the other with your progress being synced in the built-in 1TB Kdan Cloud solution.Regarding the features, the below are only the few of the available options:Editing PDFsMerging PDFsSigning PDFsAdding hyperlinksLooking up the words in the dictionaryAdding watermarksDisclaimer: I am part of Kdan Mobile’s team and therefore can be biased regarding the choice of PDF solutions.