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So I thought I wanted to be a doctor and then I discovered biomedical engineering and I realized that instead of saving one patient at a time if I could create something I could save thousands of lives I think I've always been fascinated with the brain and how it works I was interesting medicine and I was thrust in engineering so biomedical engineering brings these two big fields of medicine and engineering together so you want to be a biomedical engineer well you've come to the right place I'm Bruce wheeler adjunct professor in the Department of bioengineering at UC San Diego and past president of the I Triple E engineering in medicine and biology Society join me on a journey through one of the most exciting yet challenging and competitive fields the body actually has engineering principles built into it already and this is just a question of uncovering them I've always been interested in how complex the heart is and everything that goes into making the heart function I basically want to help people walk again biomedical engineers are dreamers but we dream and things that can become a reality in this overview of biomedical engineering we'll give you the opportunity to sample and explore the many areas of focus within this vast field along the way you'll meet world-renowned leaders in bio robotics neural engineering nanotechnology tissue engineering wearable sensors and much more you have to love how the body is put together how beautifully complicated it is you can challenge yourself constantly they'll expose you to their work offer advice and tell you about their own backgrounds a biomedical engineer is a person who is passionate about working at the interface of Technology and medicine and I'll put you to work giving you exercises that challenge you to try on the various areas to see where you might fit once you decide what areas pique your interest will get you thinking about how to craft your own career if you have what it takes and what it's going to take to get you there

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